Friday, November 22, 2013

Birthday Post Part II, III and etc

Well it's been a while since my last update for my blog.
After all these, im done with my 3rd year law degree. Another year to go!
Perhaps all will be well :D *fingers crossed*

Oh well, after the part I party with my legal peeps,
The next morning, my boy took me to brunch place called Zest Cafe Gallery in Glenelg. (according to the web, it's one of the best restaurants in Glenelg). Just for your information, Glenelg is a famous tourist spot which is next to the beach in South Australia. It's easy to get there by bus, tram, car or you can walk there. I dont normally do that! HAHA!

Baked Eggs with the bread.

A greek salad with chicken breast!

And yes, we watched movie in the afternoon at my fav cinema - Event Cinema at Marion Shopping centre. And this lovely boy spoiled me with another birthday gift. Just cant stop lovin him. 

Another celebrations with my lovely girls from iconnect! special thanks to Colleen and Doreen our dearest iconnect leaders for organising these. Karen and I have the birthday dates like really close, so we decided to celebrate it together at Ginza Japanese Restaurant! Woohoo, another fav place of mine in Adelaide.

The Girls! 

Birthday gals, me and Karen! 

Of course not forgetting to celebrate it within my 'LO YEN TING' group with the ladies: YS and Juliana. We went to Amalfi Pizzaria Risorante along Rundle St. Well! FOODS pics of the restaurant are always uploaded. So we just skip it!

These gals are just too creative and lovely. They put an effort despite of the busy assignments and tests during that period. Really get so touched when i receive their love every now and then.

1. Handmade Scrapbook for me! 
 I just couldnt stop myself from laughing non stop when i first saw these! Their way of promoting themselves. Couldnt stop myself from not posting this pic!!

HAHA... so gentlemen. please be ware of these two ladies below. the details are as clear as crystal except for phone numbers. JUST TAKE ACTIONS!

this is the last page of the scrapbook.

2. Homemade Japanese Fluffy Cheesecake
HAHA as requested Ju made her first cake for me with the help of YS
and of cox i translated the recipe from mandarin to en to her! This was YUM!
They carried it and i only found this when we were chilling after our dinner!
3. birthday gifts

And this came from them too!
 And Guess what. this came few days later. The padlock necklace from legal peeps. The first necklace came in smaller size of pendant, so it was return and exchanged for a bigger one! With the love note written down too!
they wanna lock me in the heart!
Did i tell u that i have this friendship that started last year only. i met this gal, Vega in my translation class. How amazing is that, she's from China and I am from Malaysia, we have a mutual friend!! And surprisingly she knew about my hometown name! ever since then, we hang out alot and she's always my study friend in uni although we are doing different degree. And now she's doing her master in Sydney. I miss her like crazy :( I needa make a trip to Sydney soon! Please wait for me!! So she got me this for my birthday and told me to keep blossom !

a Pinkish lipgloss
This is another one from my babe, Hui Ming. although she posted this like a month later, i still love it. Thanks for the love and she always writes me a long winded message for the birthday!! though it's long, i am reading it word by word! thanks babe!
So, she posted the pandora fixed clip and posted it all the way from Brisbane. 

... and the second last, the RealStore backpack from my dearest bro, Richard!!
However, he wants me to claim it when im back in KL. this gonna make me more looking forward to go back KL! Thanks for the heart and he remembered it when we went taiwan this early year.

and this even surprised me more. FYI, im not a big fan of crayon shin chan, but My boy is. he took few days to make this and posted this to me. All i can see is the hardwork he put in, from getting the colour papers till the cutting of the papers to make the figure! SO TOUCHING ! Feel warm! 

Now, im so thankful for everyone that is always here for me! And especially those who made effort for my birthday! Blessed is the word! thank god!


p/s: counting down days to Melbourne and Homebound in less than a week! WOOHOO!

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